The Student Council

What is the Student Council?

A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff, and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. The Council provides a forum for students to express their views on matters of concern to them. It enables them to acquire valuable organisational, and communication skills that will benefit them in later life.

Who we are

St Mary’s Secondary School’s Student Council was set up to provide a way for the student body to voice any opinions, requests, or concerns to the staff. The council consists of fourteen members, two from each year’s 1st year to 5th year, and four students from 6th year.

Each September there is an election in the first-year classes to select the two new members that will represent the first years on the council. Sometimes there is an election for another year group in the case where a member who has served wishes to resign from the council.

Student Council 2023-24

What We Do

The student council meets once a week. Under the guidance of a member or members of our teaching staff, the student body is afforded the opportunity to become active citizens in our school. The council gives students an active voice and platform in the decision-making of our school. The Students’ Council seeks to provide a line of communication between students, management, staff, and parents, representing the views of the student body on matters of concern to them.

Getting Involved

Every year the students complete a number of initiatives that they believe are for the benefit of the student body. They are in constant communication with their peers and use their position on the Student Council to give the students a voice. They complete student surveys, voice their opinion, and give feedback regarding certain school policies. They organise themed weeks such as Well-Being or LGBTQ+ weeks, have organised Sports Days, and represent the students during key events for the school. This constant interaction provides a vital line of communication between students, teachers, and management. For this reason, the student council’s role in St. Mary’s Edenderry is very important. Being part of a student body such as this is very rewarding for students, not only are they representing their peers, but they are learning valuable experience from organising and planning school events. Not only that but they build relationships with students from other years and strong relationships with the teachers of the school.

Student Council Initiatives

Getting in touch with the student council

For students wishing to engage with the student council, there is a suggestion box located in the reception area of the school, where students can place suggestions on any aspect of school life. These are often read and discussed at council meetings. The student council notice board displays the photo of each student council member and notifies all students of upcoming events. Any student who wishes to highlight an issue with the council can place an anonymous suggestion in the suggestion box or approach any member of the council at any time.

Student council co-ordinators

Both Mr. D. Page and Ms. L Jordan organise, liaise with, and facilitate our current Student Council.