The appointment to the position of a Prefect is an honour bestowed on a student by the School Community. The term ‘Prefect’ comes from the Latin Praefectus meaning ‘the one who stands in front’. In St Mary’s Secondary school, a Prefect, therefore, is a 6th year pupil who has been given a prominent role of responsibility within the school. It is the teaching staff and management team primarily who nominate and select our Prefects. The 6th yr. student body can nominate 3 of their peers also.  On accepting the role of Prefect, the student has a number of duties they must perform. These are in three main areas.

Prefects are expected to become involved in, and take a lead in, school activities, to the extent that their talents, interests and school needs direct them. Sporting, cultural, and academic activities present opportunities for Prefects to become involved in.

Prefects are expected to assist members of staff in the organisation of student activities. Prefects have a particular role in leading and guiding all our students to be proud of their school.

By their observance of School Policy, in areas such as general good behaviour, application to ones studies, school uniform, service to the school, sporting etiquette, they are required to set a positive example to other students.

They are also expected to make every effort to see that other students maintain the school’s good name. Part of their role is to be a source of helpful advice and information for younger students

best summed up as our mantra, Be the Best that You Can Be.

They have a responsibility to uphold and contribute to the tradition of the school. Their aim should be to bring credit to themselves which, in turn, will bring honour to the school

Specific Privileges

  • Being leaders in the school and wearing the prefect badge
  • Having the chance to make a difference in school life and to influence positively all students
  • Being held in high esteem by the school community

Specific duties

Assistance with specific school duties, lunchtime/break time activities

Contact with junior classes

Setting the standard of the school uniform

Attendance at School Open Days

  Fundraising activities and Christmas show

  Compiling the yearbook

Prefects co-ordinator

Mr. P. Costello is our current Prefect’s coordinator at St. Mary’s Secondary School.