Our Supervised After School Study program is available to all St. Mary’s students and takes place each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We recommend it for students from 2nd Year to 6th Year and particularly encourage our exam years of 3rd and 6th Year to get involved. Students will be welcomed to a warm, comfortable study hall, which is setup to ensure an excellent study environment for the benefit of all in attendance and students will work independently and quietly on their studies.

Each session lasts two hours, (4:10-6:10pm) and students must stay for the entire duration. The Study session is supervised by a member of staff.

Headphones, mobile phones, and all other electronic devices are not permitted during the session. Students should prepare themselves in advance to have all relevant books, notes and copies they may need for each two-hour session. Please note there will be no access to the Teams platform during the Study session.

To sign your child up for study, please fill in the enrolment form by clicking the following link: After School Study Enrolment Form

Once registered, your Child will be added to the Study Program and a payment request will be added to the School App Shop. Payments will be due by Friday 15th September. Relevant notifications will be sent out via the School App and to students via Microsoft Teams.