Academic tracking and monitoring

Here at St. Mary’s we place paramount importance on tracking and monitoring our students’ academic progress. We recognize that every student possesses unique talents, learning styles, and potential for growth. By closely monitoring their academic journey, we can tailor our support, resources, and teaching methods to meet their individual needs. This commitment allows us to identify opportunities for improvement, intervene when necessary, and celebrate each student’s achievements, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Our dedication to tracking and monitoring is not just a commitment to academic excellence but also to the holistic development of every student who walks through our doors.

Athena Analytics

Our school uses the Athena Tracker developed by Athena Analytics. The Athena Tracker is a valuable academic monitoring tool designed to establish a student’s baseline potential in each subject and promptly flag any instances where a student’s performance falls below this potential, indicating a potential need for additional support. This baseline is carefully crafted using a statistical model that relies on the exam results of previous students who have used the software.

Its primary purpose is to draw attention to situations where a student’s performance is below their potential and may require extra support. When a student’s performance in any subject falls below this potential, the teacher is promptly notified, enabling them to investigate the student’s situation and determine whether additional support or intervention is necessary.

For more information on Athena visit their website: