Junior Cycle

Welcome to the SME Junior Cycle webpage where you can explore the diverse range of Junior Cycle subjects offered here at St. Mary’s. Stay informed about JCT developments and ongoing CBAs in the school through our news section. Explore our Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA) section, where you’ll find detailed descriptions of each subject’s CBA, as well as a comprehensive CBA calendar for the year. Additionally, learn about the role of “Other Areas of Learning” (OAL) and “Other Areas of Wellbeing” (OAW), within the Junior Cycle framework and their substantial impact on the holistic learner experience.

JCT News

Stay informed by regularly checking our JCT News section! Explore updates on state examinations, ongoing CBAs, and much more.

Classroom based assessments currently in progress

English (2nd year)
Visual Art (2nd year)
C.S.P.E. (2nd year)
Music (2nd year)
Home-Economics (2nd year)

Classroom Based Assessments

Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) are a key component of the Junior Cycle, wherein teachers evaluate students through a task outlined in the curriculum specifications for each subject. These tasks take place both during class time and at home, providing students with the opportunity to showcase their understanding and skills in ways not achievable through a formal examination. The CBA may take the form of a variety of engaging activities, including but not limited to oral presentations, artistic performances, experiments, research endeavours and creative design projects.

Coming Soon…

Information on the JCPA, “Other Areas of Learning” and “Other Areas of Wellbeing”