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St. Mary’s Celebrates STEM Week: Igniting Curiosity in Young Minds!

πŸ”¬πŸ§ͺ Excitement filled the halls of St. Mary’s this week as we celebrated STEM WEEK with great fervour! Our enthusiastic Transition Year students, alongside our dedicated STEM teachers, took the lead in organizing engaging workshops for the bright young minds of our neighbouring primary schools – Clocha Rince, Ballybryan, Kilshanroe, Clonbullogue, and Ticknevin. With boundless energy and creativity, our TY students, guided by our passionate educators, immersed these future scientists and innovators in the fascinating world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

In these interactive sessions, our TYs and teachers delved into the realms of forensics, technical graphics, Computer Aided Design, and various scientific experiments, leaving the primary school students utterly captivated. The workshops not only showcased the wonders of STEM but also provided a glimpse into the unique and exciting educational journey that St. Mary’s offers. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our dedicated Transition Year students and teachers for their collaborative efforts in making this event a resounding success. Their enthusiasm and passion undoubtedly inspired the younger generation, leaving an indelible mark on their budding curiosity. Here at St. Mary’s, we are immensely proud of our students’ and teachers’ initiative and commitment to nurturing the future leaders of the STEM world! 🌟

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