A St. Mary’s Odyssey: 🌱 Growth, Achievements, and Memories! “🌟

Throughout the first term of school, students experienced a whirlwind of events and activities that made their academic journey memorable. The term kicked off with the excitement of the 1st year fun day, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the new students. As the term progressed, the anticipation and nerves peaked with the announcement of Junior Cert results, marking a significant milestone in the academic calendar. The intellectual prowess of the students was showcased in the thrilling Primary School Quiz, where their knowledge was put to the test. STEM Week brought forth a wave of scientific enthusiasm, encouraging students to explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The school community also celebrated the achievements of individuals with the prestigious JP2 & Papal Cross Awards, recognizing their dedication and leadership. The adventurous spirit of the students was further highlighted during the challenging Gaisce Hike, fostering teamwork and resilience. Open Evening provided an opportunity for prospective students and their families to explore the school’s offerings. The term culminated in a momentous occasion with the official opening of the new extension, symbolizing growth and progress for the entire school community.

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